Beginning A New Journey: Backpacking Central America

Beginning A New Journey: Backpacking Central America

My name is Nate, I’m a travelholic and here is my story.

I recently started a new journey in my life by backpacking Central America.

I have visited 45 US states, 7 Canadian provinces and 10 countries on 4 continents which have been filled with many highlights. Watching elephants bathe and frolic at a watering hole was unforgettable. Traveling through Germany during the World Cup is something I will never stop talking about. Climbing the Great Wall of China not once but twice. I loved it.

After three years of not taking an extended vacation, a 12 day trip to Mexico City and the Yucatan Peninsula was just what I need to ignite that spark and fall in love with travel all over again.

I’ve discovered traveling and exploring new places is when I am the happiest. Below is a picture of myself looking out on the Uxmal ruins in Mexico, one of the many highlights of last year’s Mexico trip.

views of uxmal


Backpacking Central America

The journey through Central America starts in Panama and will slowly work its way north as I trek through rainforests, scale active volcanoes and climb the tallest mountain peaks.

This blog will have a focus on hiking, trekking, off-the-beaten-track trips and adventure travel. Although there will be the occasion time I will blog about whatever happens to be on my mind at the moment. I encourage you to follow along on this amazing adventure through Central America because it will be full of hiking information, interesting tidbits, and amazing vistas.

I have also started a Nate Meets World YouTube channel so subscribe there for plenty of awesome hiking and outdoors video content!

My goal is to motivate more people to explore the great outdoors and go on more adventures. This could even be something like checking out your local area because the results can be very rewarding. You never know what you might find out there!

We live in a beautiful world! Go explore it!

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  1. Nice pics Nate. I love traveling and look forward to learning more about your adventures because I haven’t been to Central America yet.

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