7 Beautiful Hiking Spots in the Czech Republic

7 Beautiful Hiking Spots in the Czech Republic

This summer I spent some time exploring the Czech Republic which includes a trip to a travel conference, TBEX Ostrava. There I met many other bloggers where we attended workshops, talked with tourism boards and had some fun together. Later I discovered that the Czech Republic is such an underrated outdoors destination with plenty of excellent places to go hiking. I collaborated with a few travel bloggers to share some beautiful hiking spots in the Czech Republic!

Nate – Nate Meets World

Praděd & Bila Opava Valley – Jeseniky, Moravian-Silesian Region

This has to be one of the most beautiful hikes in this part of the Czech Republic. The trail begins in the town of Karlova Studanka which is actually a popular Czech spa town around a 90-minute drive from Ostrava. This is a perfect place to relax and unwind before or after this hike.

This 9km path follows the Bila Opava River through the lush forest taking you past many stunning waterfalls perched upon beautiful rock formations. I think this is a very family friendly activity with well-marked trails, wooden footbridges and an excellent variety of landscapes. The hike usually takes 3-4 hours to complete but our group took way longer because we couldn’t stop taking pictures. Some parts of the hike were unbelievable and made you feel like you were part of a fairy tale set in an enchanted forest.

The trail leaves the forest and breaks out into an open area where you take the paved road that leads to Praděd. Hikers are treated excellent views of the surrounding mountains that stretch out towards the border with Poland. The last section on the road isn’t very steep but it does get very windy since you are in an open area.

Once you reach the summit of Praděd (1491 m/4893 ft), visitors have the option to take the elevator to the top of the tv tower (162m high) which costs 60 Czech crowns for adults and 30 crowns for children. You can easily see for miles around into Poland and Slovakia from the watchtower. For a really interesting experience, hikers can also choose to stay the night at Vysliac Hotel located in the bottom of the tower. I’m so glad this was part of our group trip here because we were treated to an amazing sunset which was the perfect way to cap off an amazing day of hiking.


Veronika – Travel Geekery

Pravčická Gate – Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Bohemian Switzerland is a unique national park in the Czech Republic full of karst formations. They were created as an ocean bed millions of years ago. These days, the area is fully forested with cute towns here and there. It’s not far from Prague – you can travel here easily in under 2 hours.

The hike I’m going to describe is going to lead us to the Pravčická Gate, or Pravčická brána in Czech. It’s essentially a natural rock arch – the second largest of its kind in the world and the largest one in Europe. It even appeared in the Chronicles of Narnia movie! Right next to it there’s a beautiful old wooden hotel from 1881 called Falcon’s Nest, which used to accommodate noble families.

Our hike starts in a small town called Hřensko. From there, follow the red marked trail for about 1.5 kilometers to crossroads called Tři Prameny. There will be a sign pointing you in the right direction but basically, you want to turn left on a paved forest trail. Then it’s only about 2.5 kilometers to the Gate.

I can recommend spending a night in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. You can do so at the village of Mezní Louka. Between the village and the Pravčická Gate, there’s a 6km long marked trail called Gabriela’s trail, which offers yet another pleasant stroll through the forest.


Crystal – The Petite Adventurer

Besedické Skály – Cesky Raj, Bohemian Switzerland National Park

In the northern part of the Czech Republic about an hour away by car from Prague, lies the Bohemian Paradise UNESCO Geopark. If you’re looking to escape the hectic bustle of the nation’s capital city, this is the spot– and it’s handed to you on a silver platter. The Geopark sits in a deep valley of the Jizera River with the backdrop of the Jizera mountains at every turn. Once you’re in the park, you’ll have plenty of trails to choose from, notated with clear colored markers (green for easy and blue for more difficult) but, I’d recommend blue all the way with Besedické Skály for its dynamic natural landscape.

The Cesky Raj website is an excellent resource to help plan your trip. According to their site, the access point is “from the village of Malá Skála, up the steep hill around the Suché Skály to Besedice, or from Road 282 from Železný Brod to Rovensko pod Troskami, turn right in Koberovy.” From there, the trail will take you to the Chléviště rock formations, a bunch of rock climbing spots with anchors, caves, excellent vista points, or areas where you can do some light scrambling. Also, there are plenty of spots to break off the trail and explore if that’s your type of adventure!


Tereza – Czick on the Road

Palava Hill – Breclav, South Moravian Region

The Palava hill in Southern Moravia region doesn’t belong to the best hikes in the Czech Republic, but if you find yourself in the southernmost part of South Moravia and want to do some hiking, it is basically your only option. This hill is a nice and easy hike for everybody and can be done in any season of the year, though it’s most beautiful at the end of summer or beginning of autumn when you can finish the hike in the town of Mikulov at some wine festival.

The best thing about this hike is that you have loads of options where to go, you can do a short summit to the top or cross the whole hill enjoying various views, castle ruins, small towns and rock-climbing walls. The total distance to cross the whole hill is approximately 14 km and shouldn’t take more than 5 hours. If you decide to go in the winter, it’s smart to take crampons but can be done without.


Kaleigh – KK Travels and Eats

Šumava National Park – South Bohemian Region

Šumava National Park is in the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic and, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. There are multiple areas to hike, kayak, camp, bike and more. I explored this region by foot, car and even by electronic bike. The e-bike was my absolute favorite way to get around because you can cover more land and see more. This is also a great option for people who can ride a bike and don’t necessarily want to hike for an entire day.

I explored around Modrava for the most part, but each town has its own things that make it special. I spent a few days exploring different parts of Šumava National Park. There are short trails as well as much longer ones making it easy for all levels to enjoy. You can even ski during winter months. If you’re wanting to stay for longer than a day there are plenty of places to stay in Šumava including hotels, hostels and campgrounds. The park is busy year-round with outdoor enthusiasts and once you arrive you’ll understand why. The landscape of this Bohemian Forest is breathtaking and shouldn’t be missed.


Mark & Kylee – These Foreign Roads

Lysa Hora – Beskidy, Moravian-Silesian Region

Lysa Hora is a relatively small mountain when compared to other world greats, but she is the highest peak in the Beskydy range in the Czech Republic at 1323 m (4341 ft). Known as the ‘Queen of the Beskids,’ this hikers playground is located in the Moravian-Silesian region, which is about one hour south of the city of Ostrava.

The mountain itself is a very popular location for hikers and runners of all skill levels. As such, there are several trail options of varying difficulty. On the walk to the summit, I chose the tamest route; an 8-km rocky path that wound graciously through the trees. The shade from the dense, evergreen forest kept the air quite cool, making for a very comfortable hike. When the trees broke into open stretches along the mountainside, the stunning views made up for the sudden blast of heat. The dark green forest faded into spotted farms of the Czech countryside.

Arriving at the top about two hours later, the views were even more spectacular. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Poland and Slovakia! The trail system here is often used for endurance and altitude training. While our group sat and rested on the summit, several runners arrived, turned, and began the run back without skipping a beat! On the summit are two lodges and a restaurant for those who spend the night. Although most visitors were excited about the famous sunset views, they didn’t live up to the hype – for me anyway. However, the following morning I witnessed an absolutely breathtaking sunrise.

Lysa Hora is a perfect location for everyone from experienced athletes to first-timers. The air is clean, the trails are well maintained, and the views are incredible.


Nate – Nate Meets World

Pustevny to Radhošť – Beskidy, Moravian-Silesian Region

During the winter, Pustevny is a popular Czech skiing area in the Beskydy Mountains which is located over an hour south of Ostrava. During the summer, it is the perfect place for Czech to spend a day hiking or participate in a variety of other activities in Moravia-Silesia. The area is filled with plenty of hiking trails but since we were limited on time, our group took the chairlift up to Pustevny (160 Czech crowns) and began our hiking there.

This trail starts at 1018 m (3340 ft) and takes you along the ridgeline until you pass a large statue of Radgest (a famous Pagan god of war). This is a very family-friendly walk that is filled with many trees and bushes filled with berries (yes I stopped to pick a few). Of course, there are a few viewpoints along the way where you can stop to gaze over the beautiful surroundings and pose for some pictures.

The path continues past a lovely mountain hotel/restaurant until you reach Radhošť mountain at 1129 m (3704 ft). An ancient sculpture of Saints Cyril and Methodius guards the chapel along the edge of the hill. Visitors are allowed to walk inside and pay a small fee to climb the stairs of the bell tower for some amazing views! The weather was perfect for our hike and you could see everything for miles around.

Once you return to the Pustevny chairlift, you can choose to hike down or get a rush of adrenaline by riding down on a kick scooter. The price is 190 Czech crowns but if you have a lift ticket or purchase multiple kick scooters the cost is only 160 Czech crowns. It was the perfect way to cap off a beautiful hike (even though it did feel a bit dangerous). I highly recommend hiking in the Beskydy Mountains. Pustevny is a perfect all-season destination in the Czech Republic!


If you love the Czech Republic as much as I do, spread the love and share with a friend, family member or post it on social media! What is your favorite hiking spot in the Czech Republic? Have you hiked in any of the places listed above?  Share with everyone in the comments!

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  1. Love this post! Theres so much beauty in CZ and it’s a great place to explore on foot. Although not a lengthly hiking experience, my favourite place to explore was Velka Amerika, located just outside Prague. It’s a beautiful abandoned limestone quarry that many Czechs head to in the summer for a dip in the lake (although prohibited I believe!)

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